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Monday, July 5, 2010

A trip to a famously haunted cemetery

I have been hearing many spooky stories lately since I took a haunted attraction job here in Oconomowoc Wi. One that really struck my interest was a story about a woman that killed herself by jumping off a bridge leading into the famous LaBelle Cemetery. The apparition appears from a beautiful statue of a woman and heads down to the lake's edge and appears to drown herself. Now if that is not creepy enough some people have seen blood drip from the statues hands as well as getting sick to their stomaches when they get near the tomb. With this story line I had to go check it out!
So I packed up my three kids (yes I said three kids) and we headed minutes away from our house to check it out. Now I have to say this, it was an overcast day and rain was expected but the kids were eager to go somewhere and I had so see this place for myself. So we pull up and parked. Now the second I get out of the car it starts to rain. Not letting this bit of wetness get in our way of a good time the four of us forged on.
As I am walking through this cemetery there are an abundance of above ground tombs. and the workmanship on them was outstandingly detailed! As the girls were reading the dates to meon when people had passed. My oldest one, Makayla, stopped in her tracks, looked at me and pointed way down the road and said "hey dad, what's that big T down there mean?" Dumbfounded and surprised that she picked out that cross from all the other crosses I stopped and said in a low tone" honey, that is a cross". Naturally she wants to go look at it. So all of us head over to see this cross. Well, once we get around to the front side of the cross I see that it is the burial site of the statue that I had heard so much about. And my seven year old picked it out from a sea of crosses. I have to admit that looking at the statue in front of the cross in the setting that it is in is creepy! Down right scary at night I am sure of it! But none the less we came to get some pictures, and that is what i did.

So here are some more pictures of LaBelle Cemetery Hope you enjoy this trip as much as I did. I think I will be going back at dusk to get some wicked better pictures. If i muster up the gumption.