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Monday, March 1, 2010

In the Beginning there was a Garage.....

It started in 2002. My wife and I Bought a house in the summer of 2002 and wanted to have a house warming party. Myself being an avid Lover of halloween took her up on this and we decided to have a Halloween costume party/House warming party. To give you some back round on myself If you do not know me already, I love Halloween as well as scaring to crap out of people of all ages! So when my wife gave me the opportunity to have a party that was themed around this spooky holiday I was in heaven, or hell? I do not know which but I was astatic!

I began planning immediately, Gathering spooky goods from neighbors garbages and asking around for items no one wanted any more. I had months to plan for it and over 200 custom invites delivered and sent out by October 1st. The First Year was "trial and error" . My total amount spent totaled around $400.oo which includes the barrel of Miller Lite that was purchased for the guests. It was a good first year and about 30 people had showed up in costume to play pool and drink beer in a 30x40 foot Game room.

At the end of the night and with a half of a barrel of beer I was officially hooked on halloween! It wasnt till I went to work the following week and many of the guests that I had came on this weekend endeavor asked me...... So are you doing it next year?

It was then I knew Franklin Manor was born and it was only going to get better every year after!