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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dealing with PHD

PHD is something all haunters and Halloween Lovers might have to deal with once in there life. So you ask, what is PHD? It's short for Post Haunt Depression, and when halloween weekend was over I had it bad! From the high stress of opening night for my first official Haunted Attraction, to scarring the pants off grown men. I loved every minute of it. I knew this was my calling and I took it all in. Haunted High was closed the weekend of Halloween so i proceeded up to Menasha Wisconsin where good friends of mine also own and run a haunt by the name of Oblivion. I toured some Haunts in their area on Saturday the 30th and got the privilege to scare for them in their haunt on Halloween night. The rush of being that horrifying twitching man up against the wall waiting as victim passes by you, knowing that they are going to be scared but not knowing at what time you will jump at them is priceless. Needless to say I left Halloween Night around midnight to make the long trek back home so i could finally rest from a month of nonstop mayhem.

Once the monday morning sun popped out I had a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and thought, what am i going to do now? It was like my Wife had left me and took the kids. It took about 4 weeks for the feeling to pass and now that christmas is around the corner helps keep my mind off of the real Holiday.

In January My wife and I plan on straightening out the E-commece portion of Halloween Room. Making it more streamlined and able to compete with the big boys of Halloween Costume sales.

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